While living in the U.S. studying at The Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey, I created The Norseman.
A superhero comic influenced by norse mythology, folk lore and history with traditional superheroics.
All told with a modern Scandinavian twist.
2013 the character was introduced as a co-feature in Fantomen (Swedish The Phantom). Six episodes
has been published to date. More The Norseman has been written and is currently being drawn.
Release dates for future publications are currently not set due to other prioritized work. 


Rickard Nord, the demigod grandson of the Norse god Balder, grows up in seclusion on a small Swedish farm. 
He carries the burden of a prophecy since birth. Blood-red runes cover his body like birthmarks telling his fate. 
Born to be the end of all things, Ragnarök. Therefore the Aesir gods wish him dead. He's managed to stay alive
due to his father's alliance with the mysterious Urho and his organization L.I.O.N.S.
But the truce between Midgard and Asgard is fragile and when Urho reveals his original plans for Rickard's future,
the Aesir will most likely be forced to act. Before the young demigod learns how to use his strength and power.
Becoming another living weapon in L.I.O.N.S. and Midgard's evergrowing arsenal to protect our realm.
But first, Rickard will have to leave his safe farm and family to be a part of a world he's never known. Life outside
his idyllic solitude in Dalsland, Sweden, will prove to be a great challenge. As the years of confinement from the
ordinary world has had immense consequences and deeply scarred in the young man psychologically and socially.
He'll have to learn to be human as well as a god.


  • Fantomen #20/2013
  • Fantomen #21/2013
  • Fantomen #22-23/2013
  • Fantomen #24/2013
  • Fantomen #2-3/2014
  • Fantomen #18-19/2014