Together with authors Åsa Larsson & Ingela Korsell, I'm one of the creative minds
behind this fantastic series of children's books. With an exciting mixture of nordic folk lore, horror,
 magic and real-life drama. This Urban Fantasy epic starring troubled brothers Alrik & Viggo
has garnered rave reviews. Managing to thrill many readers beyond it's 9-12 core age group.
Quickly becoming a bestseller.
With ten Pax books planned the series and has already had it's publishing rights
sold to 20+ countries and been translated to as many languages.
As illustrator for the series my goal is to give the readers a visual and cinematic experience
by adding wordless black & white sequential comic pages as illustrations. Side by side with traditional book text
these illustrations are carefully chosen per book to give scenes extra life. By intensifying emotions and scare
or thrill with action scenes and drama to the already amazing story written by Åsa & Ingela.
We together aim to give these old fairy tales new life with modern portrayals to compete with the graphics
and special effects of any of todays games and movies. With literature there's no budget limit for your imagination.




Brothers Alrik & Viggo are transferred to a new home in Mariefred, Sweden, with kind foster parents Laylah & Anders.
It doesn't take long for these two boys to get themselves in trouble first day of school. After being blamed for causing a fight
with the school's bully, Simon. Older brother, Alrik, runs out and in a fit of rage smashes a window on the local orangery.
This leads Alrik & Viggo to meet older siblings Estrid & Magnar, the orangery caretakers.
The older siblings prove to be more than meet the eye and bring Alrik & Viggo on a journey into a new dangerous world
full of monsters, magic, and nightmares come true. They have to protect Mariefred together and the secret underground library,
full of ancient books of magic. Prophesied to be the two warriors Estrid & Magnar have awaited to aid them in their work
as the library's protectors and caretakers. No one is safe in the small idyllic countryside town of Mariefred.
With each beat of the rising pulse of time, the darkness come roaring closer.

BOOKS PUBLISHED                         

IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER                                      
  • Nidstången (The Nithing Pole)                                               
  • Grimmen (The Grim)                                                                
  • Mylingen (The Myling)                                                             
  • Bjäran (The Tilberi)                                                                  
  • Gasten (The Ghoul)                                                                 

RIGHTS SOLD TO                                                 

  • Brazil, V&R
  • Catalan, Grup62
  • Czech Republic, Host
  • Denmark, Alvilda
  • Estonia, Varrak
  • Faroe Islands, BFL
  • France, Place des éditeurs
  • Germany, cbj
  • Greece, Psichogios
  • Hungary, Európa
  • Israel, Modan
  • Norway, Gyldendal
  • Poland, Media Rodzina
  • Romania, RAO
  • Russia, Mainstream
  • Spain, Destino Infantil & Juvenil
  • Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen
  • Taiwan, Ecus
  • Turkey, Pegasus